Friends Group of the Year

Harold Schmidt of Friends of Estabrook accepting award in 2015

Friends Groups are essential to the long term well being of our Park System.  These groups work earnestly to bridge the gap in maintenance for their park and provide enhancements that otherwise would not occur due to budgetary restraints. 

The Park People believes that these unsung heroes should get some recognition for their efforts.  To that end, since 2010, we have been issuing an annual award for "Friends Group of the Year".  The Park People Board of Directors reviews the efforts of a number of Friends Groups annually to determine the current year's awardee.

The following is a list of Friends Groups that have the distinction of having been Friends Group of the Year:

2010    Friends of Kletzsch Park

2011     Friends of Hoyt Park and Pool

2012     Doctors Park Friends

2013     Friends of Grant Park

2014     Sheridan Park Friends

2015     Friends of Estabrook

2016      Friends of Pulaski Cudahy Park

2017      Friends of the Monarch Trail