The Park People's History and Mission

The Park People's History

The Park People of Milwaukee County, Inc., was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1977. Joy Teschner, a member of the now-defunct Parks Commission, envisioned a member-funded and member-driven organization of citizens with the ability to influence government stewardship of the parks.

The Park People was created with the mission of “Citizen Stewards of Milwaukee County Parks” to continue to provide a forum for citizen involvement and input regarding the preservation and management of our park system.

The Park People are proud to give voice to the needs, concerns and efforts of Milwaukee County residents. By collaborating and networking, we can ensure that the original vision and integrity of the park system is preserved for the benefit of present and future generations

From the beginning, The Park People has been an “umbrella” organization under which Friends Groups for individual parks work together toward our common goals.

To achieve our goal of a Friends Group for every one of the 144 parks and parkways in the Milwaukee County Park System, we provide capacity-building support to new and existing Friends Groups.

The Park People are proud to partner with over 50 Friends Groups for individual parks, neighborhood associations, activity clubs, environmental advocacy groups and Park Watch groups.


Citizen Stewardship of Milwaukee County Parks

To Accomplish Our Mission, The Park People is embarking on a strategic planning process to identify how best to serve our Milwaukee County Parks in light of very disturbing budget realities.