Donate to The Park People

The Park People are here to help you help our parks!

Please make your donation check payable to "The Park People of Milwaukee County Inc." and mail the check to:

1845 N. Farwell Ave. Suite 100
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Or donate online with your credit card by clicking here:

Park Maintenance and Improvement Projects

See a need? Contact us to discuss how your donation can be used for a specific parks maintenance or improvement project!

Wish lists are currently being compiled by our Parks Department and the Friends Groups for our individual parks. We hope to share them with you through our website soon!

The Park People Operations

Please consider a donation for operational support to assist us in providing the necessary advocacy that will ensure a better future for our parks!

The Park People Capacity-Building

The Park People have placed over $3 million dollars in our parks over the course of our 30 year history. That’s quite an impressive accomplishment for a small, primarily volunteer-run organization!

Faced with $275 million dollars worth of deferred maintenance in our parks, The Park People recognize the need to increase our capacity to engage the community in our efforts to raise awareness and additional funds for our parks.

Your donation will help us continue to grow to meet the ever-increasing needs of our parks!


The Park People Value Statement

Why is a donation to The Park People a worthy donation?
·         We maintain a lean operating budget and responsibly manage our resources to ensure our fiscal strength
·         Our Executive Director comes with a wealth of experience and connections, over 30 years working for the parks and is passionate about the cause
·         Professional board of directors well connected to the community with keen oversight
·         We are the only organization in Milwaukee County that supports and develops  local park Friends Groups.
·         We are an umbrella organization which holistically promotes and protects  all Milwaukee County Parks – including parks in underserved communities. 
·         We have a strong and positive working relationship with the Milwaukee County Parks Department
·         We study similar organizations to model success,  such as Millennium Park Project in Chicago – as we grow our operating budget – we are positioned to be of even greater value to our parks.
·         The Park People conducts an annual audit – our books are open to you upon request