Preserve Our Parks

The Park People Board of Directors recently altered the Park People policy on Advocacy. 

Excerpt of new policy:

"Given the highly visible nature of the Milwaukee County Parks and the often politically charged nature of a vast array of issues impacting these parks, it has been determined, as a mean of streamlining The Parks People's efforts and as a means of maintaining impartiality that the Park's People staff and board of directors will advocate only on park issues that abide with our core values and after obtaining a majority vote by the board to begin such advocacy work. 

Advocacy work includes, but is not limited to, Letters to Editors, appearances at governmental and legislative bodies and hearings, putting up signs and collecting signatures.

The Park People will adhere to its core values which include:

  1. Park lands must be maintained to ensure public engagement, public safety and community property values
  2. A dedicated and secure funding source for Milwaukee County Parks is in the public’s long-term best interest."

This generally means that we stand solid on our core values but will not advocate on issues not directly related to those values. 

We feel this is appropriate because there is another local Parks Advocacy group, Preserve Our Parks, that does advocate on a wide range of issues and topics related to our park system.

"Preserve Our Parks, a nonprofit watchdog group, battles to keep Milwaukee area parks open and green, resists incursions for non-park uses, and fights for funds to properly maintain one of the County’s greatest treasures, its parks system.

POP was founded in 1999 by a group of Milwaukeeans concerned about the future of our public parks, green spaces and the lakefront. Over the years, we had seen our parks nibbled by sales, leases and easements. We'd seen public policies on parks grow lenient. We'd seen our parks invaded by non-park, non-public purposes."

Click here to go to Preserve Our Parks website to see issues they have spoken out about and issues they are currently working on.