Holler Park Neighborhood Association


The Holler Park Neighborhood Association was started in April 2007 and focuses on crime prevention, social interaction, and a relationship with our county park and Easter Seal neighbors within the park. We believe that the Holler Park Neighborhood Association can truly make a difference in the lives of our residents.

The Holler Park Neighborhood Association residents are partnering with local businesses to improve the appearance of the neighborhood and increase volunteer participation with the Easter Seals Society located within Holler Park. Some of the group's main goals are to continue to improve the lodge building within the park, and create a natural rain garden to catch runoff from hard surfaces in the park before it enters the park lagoon.

We hold weekly Summer Playgroup Thursday dates; monthly Steering Committee Meetings and Monday General Holler Park Neighborhood Association Meeting's; Yearly Summer Celebration Pool Party with the Easter Seals, a block party to increase awareness of the "Save the Pavilion" project, neighborhood wide rummage sale, Easter Seals Fishing Jamboree, Easter Seals "Walk With Me", Holler Park Trick or Treat and Halloween Party. Our groups also consists of a Book club, Garden Club, Holler Park Neighborhood Association Rain Garden Project.

Management and removal of Buckthorn in the Holler Park is needed to maintain a healthy remaining neighborhood forest. Management and removal of dumped waste in the park.

Chris Kuester (414) 769-1815