McCarty Park Watch


Our goal is to provide our West Allis Community a clean, safe, environment for families to enjoy. By hosting activities we can bring families into the park, which may help to keep negative activities to a minimum.

Our group would like to bring more people onto our board to help create, organize and coordinate more free family events. We would love to have assistance organizing a “Small Town Harvest Fest”.

Currently we sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt.
In the past we have had a “Duck Float, and Ice Cream Social” in June the week after school lets out.


We need volunteers who want to be active. We will also need some funding because in the past the Original West Allis Lions Club has given us money to do the Easter Egg Hunt and the Duck Float, however, their club is beginning to dissolve, so we don’t know if we will have support much longer.
Gail Radonski (414) 852-1945