Residents for Off Leash Milwaukee Dog Parks


It is our mission to establish and maintain off-leash dog exercise areas in Milwaukee County, through community and municipal partnerships, where dogs can exercise in safe, clean environments viewed as valuable assets within the community.

To establish a system of off-leash dog exercise areas throughout Milwaukee County that are accessible to all areas of the community in partnership with the Milwaukee County Parks Department

Doggy Dips (Late Aug @ Sheridan, Washington & Jackson Parks)
Labor Day @ Greenfield Park
Paws in the Park – Labor Day at Greenfield Park
Spring Event (name to be determined) @ the Runway Dog Exercise Area (Event will promote permit sales)
Great Lakes Pet Expo – Feb at State Fair Park (Groups have a booth at this event)
Yappy Hours (Periodically hold 1-2 cocktail parties where you can bring your dog)


* Volunteer recruitment
* Funding - grants and major gift solicitation
* Access to experts to aid with tax prepartion, accounting, etc.
* Board member recruitment


Kevin Frank 414-769-8806