South Shore Park Watch

* Enhance and improve South Shore Park
* Educate residents of all ages about the park’s environmental needs
* Improve water quality at Lake Michigan’s south shore
* Involve residents in all of above points
South Shore Park will be safe, clean and environmentally healthy. It will be a pleasure for all to play and work in the park. The park will continue to be – and grow in its role as – a place where the community can come together.
* Fall and Spring Clean-ups of the park and lakefront
* Earth Day, bringing about 400 5th-8th graders to learn about environmental issues
* Winter Fun in Bay View, featuring neighborhood organizations so people know what is available to them in the community
* South Shore Farmers’ Market, mid-June to mid-October for the last nine years
* National Day Out each August
* Informational/Educational public meetings
We need to attract and involve newer, younger members Contact: Kathy Mulvey (414)-744-0408