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The Park People assists interested individuals in the creation of Friends Groups for their neighborhood parks. We provide direction, capacity building strategies and resources for these individuals and work as a liaison between their group and the Parks Department. Ultimately, these groups work to promote and enhance their parks through volunteer efforts, fund raising, and events. Over the years The Park People has assisted in the formation of over forty groups.


Photo Gallery has many pictures of the Friends Groups enjoying the parks and sponsored events.


Looking for Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer Programs Handbook? View Here.

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Friends groups and volunteers are essential to the long term well-being of our park system– those who work earnestly to support enhancements that otherwise would not occur. The Park People believes that these unsung heroes should get some recognition for their efforts. The Park People Board of Directors reviews the efforts of a number of Friends groups and individual volunteers annually to determine the current year’s awardees.


2022 Friends Group of the Year

Friends of Rose Park

Full List of Friends Group & Volunteer of the Year