Start a Group

Begin a Friends Group

With our magnificent system of 144 parks and 13 parkways and over 15000 acres of parkland, a broad field for action is available. By starting a Friends Group you can help maintain and protect the natural beauty of our parks. Ultimately, your group will work to promote and enhance your local parks through volunteer efforts, fund raising, and events.


If you do not see a friends group listed for your Favorite Park, then start one by contacting The Park People Contact Us.


What Will The Park People Do to Help Us Get Started?

We provide direction, capacity building strategies and resources for you and work as a liaison between your group and the Parks Department.

  • Coordinate Your Initial Meeting
  • Facilitate Appointment of Initial Officers
  • Create a Survey to Identify Group Priorities
  • Assist/Facilitate in Identifying Group Mission Statement
  • Provide Fiscal Sponsorship for Your Park Projects

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

The Park People knows Friends Groups just want their money and time to benefit their park, but many find themselves spending valuable donor dollars and volunteer hours on paperwork!

Fiscal Sponsorship through The Park People can provide your Friends Group with

  • A Sound, Experienced Financial Partner
  • Tax-Deductible Donations
  • Donation Acknowledgements
  • Project Financial Management
  • Tax-Free Labor and Materials
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Annual Audit
  • Raffle License
  • Web Presence

The Park People’s fiscal sponsorship* of your Friends Group is a financial arrangement and we know you’ll have questions. Please Contact Us for additional information.


*The terms of Fiscal Sponsorship are regulated by the IRS.