How to Help Your Family Avoid Nature-Deficit Disorder

A woman and two boys walk along the Milwaukee River at Estabrook Park

While technology has brought us a wide range of benefits, it has also dramatically altered how we live. As a result, we spend less time in the great outdoors than ever. How does that alter our mental and physical well-being, especially those growing up this way? Let’s look at nature-deficit disorder and how you can address the concern with your family.


What is the Science Behind Nature-Deficit Disorder?

Types of Play with an Impact

Spaces and Places

Family-Friendly Outdoor Fun

Get Out on the Water

Getting into the great outdoors is not just fun for your kids; it’s a must for their overall well-being and development. Find or create great spaces for your family to enjoy, and pick up some hobbies that stretch your minds and bodies while you’re at it. It’s an opportunity to make memories while you promote your family’s health and happiness.


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