Oak Leaf Discovery Tour®

About the Oak Leaf Discovery Tour®

The Oak Leaf Discovery Tour (OLDT) is a summer-long event that encourages users to explore a wide variety of locations along the nearly 125-mile-long Oak Leaf Trail. To get started, download the OLDT digital “passport” to your mobile device and take it with you on the trail. The passport includes information about 45 points of interest located along the trail, including parks, playgrounds, beer gardens and historical sites. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the passport to function properly. If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

As you ride the trail, click or tap each point of interest you find. When you’ve checked a minimum of 10 points of interest, bring your mobile device with your passport to the end-of-the-season party where you can win terrific prizes!

The end-of-the-season party will be held on Saturday, September 24, from 1 – 3 p.m. at the Estabrook Park Biergarten. If you aren’t able to attend the party but would like an opportunity to win a prize, email your name, phone number and OLDT passport with at least 10 checked points of interest to [email protected].

As you use the Oak Leaf Trail, please maintain social distancing guidelines to protect yourself and others. For more information, visit Milwaukee County’s Covid-19 resource page.

If you download the OLDT passport, please consider making a minimum donation of $10 to The Park People.

Download Oak Leaf Discovery Tour passport

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