Park Market

The Park Market

The Park Market helps beautify our parks while also providing individuals with a unique way to honor special people and events in our lives. The Park People offer a selection of trees and benches through its Park Market, the only program in Milwaukee County that allows a tree to be planted or a bench to be placed on your behalf in your favorite park. From time to time, the on-line Park Market offers unique smaller gifts, such as calendars or note cards featuring our beautiful parks. The Park People also work with donors who envision a larger scale park enhancement through the Park Market.


The primary Park Market products, the gift of a tree or bench, provide an enduring commemoration of an event in one’s life is possible. The Tree Program allows you to plant a new Ornamental, Evergreen or Shade tree. Or, you may choose to “Adopt-a-Tree”, adopting the tree in a park of your choice. The Bench Program allows you to select from three different bench styles. Whether planting or adopting a tree or selecting a bench, your gift includes a commemorative tag.


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