It is the policy of The Park People of Milwaukee County to accept donations on behalf of Milwaukee County Parks (MCP) for the purpose of planting trees and installing benches within MCP to offer the opportunity to honor someone special, to remember a loved one, or to recognize a special event or achievement. We are grateful you are considering a donation to MCP care of The Park People. If you choose to pursue this gesture, we will make every effort to accommodate your wishes as they align with this policy.

Donation Purpose

Donations will be accepted only for the purpose of:
a.) purchasing and planting of trees approved by The Park People in partnership with MCP.
b.) purchasing and installing benches approved by The Park People in partnership with MCP.

Bench/Tree Selection and Location

With approval and guidance of MCP staff, donors choose from a predetermined list of required bench styles standard to each MCP and tree species and their installation location. Donors may request a location for a tree or bench, but the location is ultimately approved by MCP staff. The Park People and MCP may add or subtract/change bench or tree selections as it deems necessary.


Commemorative trees and benches may be recognized by use of a custom all-weather brass tag for trees and a brass plaque for benches, which must be installed by The Park People. The maximum recognition tag / plaque inscription must not exceed 3 lines, with 27 characters per line (including spaces). All plaque language requires the approval by the executive director of The Park People. The Park People recommends the use of engraved bronze plaques to create a consistent appearance. No additional marker, decorations or signage is allowed in the vicinity of commemorative trees and benches.

Ordering and Installation

The Park People staff will contact the donor with confirmation of receipt of completed deposit and/or full donation in the case of a tree, which are required before the bench or tree is ordered. After the bench or tree order has been received, the installation will be coordinated and scheduled by The Park People and MCP staff according to permit approval and requirements.


All costs related to a commemorative bench or tree shall be at the expense of the donor. These costs include material cost of the bench or tree; freight/shipping; permit fees; The Park People staff time and labor; bench/tree contractor time and labor; installation materials; plaque and tree tag fees; and repair or replacement if necessary.


The Park People staff shall maintain a record of each donation. The record shall contain all pertinent information such as the donor’s name; contact information; tag/plaque inscription; permit approval and associated number; location request/s; tree species or bench style; and final planting/installation location.

Once the tree/bench installation is complete, the tree/bench is the property of MCP. The donor of the tree/bench does not retain any property rights or decisions upon its future location, maintenance, repair or removal. The Park People does not have any property rights or decisions once the final installation is complete and is NOT LIABLE for its future location, maintenance, repair or removal.

Special maintenance requests for specific benches or trees will not be granted except in cases of safety concerns or damage. If a donated bench or tree is vandalized or damaged by an act of God, MCP will make every effort to repair the bench or tree within the limits of its available funding. If the bench or tree cannot be repaired or replaced and if it is a hazard or is unsightly, MCP may remove the bench or tree. Any plaque, tree or bench which is installed without the approval of The Park People and Milwaukee County Parks may be removed at the expense of the party who installed it. MCP reserves the right to relocate the bench or tree for safety, environmental or land management reasons. In the event that this occurs, the donor will be notified of the new location.


MCP holds ultimate ownership over all donated benches and trees. It is prohibited for donors to decorate, personalize or add adornment to or around any tree or bench.

For questions, please contact [email protected] or call 414-273-7275.